Friday, September 17, 2010

Tradition of Cooking

I am not a cook. And as much as I love my mom neither was she. When my grandmother died I was really young, so I have no memories of her food, whether it was good or bad. I suspect, it was delish. She was a farm wife after all. Cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her family and farm hands. Feeding bruiting men that have been bailing hay all day must not have been easy. So I think its safe to say, she was a great cook.

I can just imagine her in her huge kitchen singing and dancing around while grabbing the flour out of the cabinet. Whipping up incredible dishes and pulling pies out of the oven.

That's who I want to be. I want my daughter to want to come home from college just to have a meal made by her mamma! I want to have pancake Saturday, or something of the sorts, from now until I die. I'm not there yet. I have come a long way in the past four years. I no longer disintegrate bacon in the pan, and I rarely smoke out the house, but I haven't developed my own style of cooking yet.

Problem is no one can find her recipes. I have no place to start other than over priced cookbooks and magazines. But that's not the cook I want to be. I want to be down home and real, with a touch of creative flair and cuteness! But I want to start with roots. Roots I don't have. I managed to find an old Amish recipe book with two or three recipes from my grandmother. So that's a place to start. Ive spent the morning writing out recipes and adapting them to what my family likes. Wish me lunch... ha I typed lunch I must be hungry. Wish my LUCK!

Young Mom Young Wife... loving life:)

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